2022-12-31T12:03:14+02:00November 27th, 2022|

RECEDE A weed grows in my garden nothing else just a weed It looks pretty in the morning fairy like almost freed It shows me where I haven’t tended neglected not paid heed It grows despite my indifference unnurtured what if I concede? I walk over and stand next to it grateful for its seed The garden is not lost I can let it grow if I recede [...]

Not knowing

2022-11-13T11:03:09+02:00November 13th, 2022|

We like to have a certain control over our lives. That’s why we plan, make to do lists, create projects. Everything in our society is set to reduce uncertainty. The pandemic brought a certain shift in that. We realised that control is really very flimsy and that we have no grip at all on anything. Slowing down, waiting, not knowing, postponing, patience. These don’t sit well in our busy and fast paced lives. But worrying, pushing and pulling and controlling do not prevent chaos and disaster. Ev [...]

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