Since we’re all spending so much time at home and you might be running out of puzzles to make, I thought I’d share a list of other (doable) crafty things you can do. If you have any to share with us, post them in the comments below.

Rope bowl

You have probably seen these bowls in a shop and thought they would look nice on your mantelpiece. Well, looks like they’re pretty easy to make yourself. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say to your neighbour next time he comes around: ‘oh that thing, I made that myself’?

This is a kit that comes with all the necessary material (rope, yarn and instructions). They also have kits for coasters, baskets and tassels.

Macrame wall hanger

Did you do macrame in school as a kid? Well, it’s all the rage again now. Can’t remember how you did it?
This simple wall hanger will get you started again.  Comes with Jersey, pole and pattern instructions.

They also have other wall ornaments, plant hangers and light shades.

Bracelet making kit

Remember those friendship bracelets you wore as a kid? Well, I recently bought some bracelets for my friends with their word of the year on it. But wouldn’t it be cool to make such gifts yourself? Well, you can!

This set allows you to make 4 different kind of bracelets. All materials are included as well as step by step instructions.

Woven mandala

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. You have probably seen mandala colouring books online or in shops. Here’s a creative twist for making a mandala: weave it!

Kit comes with all materials and instructions  and you can pick from several color sets.

Tube Yarn

If you’re not a knitter (because you don’t have the patience or think knitted sweaters are way uncool), you might change your mind when you try tube yarn. It’s chunky and knitting does not necessarily require needles (you can knit with your arms), a blanket is done in no time and it looks really cool.

This looks so easy and there are many more videos like it out there.

Diamond painting

Love puzzles but have done way too many lately? Looking for something new? Then diamond painting is your thing. Sets come with a ‘sticky’ picture to which you glue diamond dots. It’s like a mix between puzzling, stitching and gluing. It’s fun!

Lip balm kit

There are things in life that everybody needs and that tend to get lost. Like lip balm. Here’s a craft kit to make your own all natural balm into practical little containers to take with you or gift to others. Even comes with cute little stickers.

Sticker by numbers

Yes, it’s like painting by numbers except with stickers. Less messy, faster but still meditative and easy to do on the go.

Weaving kit

Besides macrame, weaving is booming as well. This kit is suitable for beginners and comes with all the necessary materials to make a beautiful wall art piece that doesn’t look like it’s made by a pre-schooler.


I once took a bookbinding class and was fascinated by how easy it is to make gorgeous little notebooks yourself. With this kit you get all the tools and materials as well as instructions to make your own hardcover journal.

Handlettering kit

I find it a shame that we no longer handwrite letters. And I’m in love with curly hand lettering. This kit allows you to get started learning your own beautiful hand lettering. And who knows, you might want to write someone a handwritten letter or card again.