Creative thinking

Creativity is not a talent. It is a skill.  You can learn it.

Designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs who understand that creativity is a critical part of up-leveling – and for individuals who want to re-activate their creative flow – we offer a range of training and coaching options to meet your needs.


coach and inspire you to create, innovate, stand out and thrive so you can influence positive change for your team, clients and community.


  • capability in creativity
  • skills for improved creative thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • understanding of how to develop and action more ideas (individually and in teams)

Who is it for:

  • Entrepreneurs, managers or teams who are in roles or situations where problems need to be solved, opportunities need to be exploited, challenges need to be addressed and solutions are not obvious.
  • Clubs, associations, non-profits, communities
  • Anyone who wants to generate new ideas quickly or who wants to develop their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Learning outcomes:

(may vary per course/workshop)

  • Spotting new opportunities through creative thinking
  • Seeing challenges from a new perspective
  • Problem analysis: identifying the real root cause of the problem
  • Generate, develop and select ideas
  • Making decisions and taking action

Contact us to discuss how we can customize any of the described workshops/trainings.

Creativity trainings

Creative Thinking

A half or one-day pragmatic and fun training where you learn what creativity is.You get a set of tools and techniques that enhance your creative ability.

What will we learn?

  • Understand the core elements of creative thinking
  • Understand how individuals & groups can be creative
  • Apply a pragmatic 3 step framework for generating and refining new ideas
    1. Stop before you start
      – be clear we understand the context & problem
    2. Generate ideas
      – creating lots and lots of ideas to resolve the issue
    3. Converge
      – harvest, enhance and select the best ideas
  • Use a range of simple but powerful tools that fit into each step of the creative process

Creative brainstorming

Your team has a specific problem?

Typical brainstorming only brings the same old ideas?

Try Creative Brainstorming!

In 2 hours, we will get your team to generate tons of original and new ideas using creative thinking techniques.

These creative brainstorming sessions are tailor made to solve YOUR specific problems.

Read what people say about our Creative Brainstorming sessions

Lunch & Learn Creative Workshop

These short, playful workshops attempt to get employees off the corporate treadmill.

They provide a mental break to teach them snippets of creative theory as well as the basics of a creative craft (intuitive painting, mixed media, doodling, aboriginal dot painting…)

Workshops take 1-2 hours and can be organized on or off site.


  • Provides a mental break that releases stress
  • People return refreshed and in a creative spirit
  • Excellent informal networking opportunity
  • I also organise Intuitive painting classes in my studio.


Because of a lot of travelling and new team members coming in, our team had not been behaving as a team lately. So I was looking for a team activity that was not too invasive but allowed our team to have some fun together. The creativity workshop was the perfect solution. Short, instructive, to the point and fun. We all came out newly motivated and sort of Zen and relaxed. I can highly recommend the workshops to get off the corporate treadmill and reconnect with your creativity as a team.
Ellen Hermans - Brand and Channel Marketing Manager - RCP EMEA, Newall Rubbermaid Commercial Products