What does flow mean to you?
When are things flowing?
When are they not?
How does it feel?
Where in your body do you feel it?

For me it is waves.
When things flow, it feels natural, moving, powerful, not resisting, moving around and over things instead of pushing them away.
So I started my collage with a page of wave scribbles and added flowers and some doodles.
Because flow is pretty and feels natural (like flowers).

Life comes and goes in waves.
Up and down.
Coming and going.
The more we resist it, the more effort it costs us, the more we struggle.
What should we do instead?
Going with the flow.
Letting the waves carry us.
Take a deep breath when we go under.
Take a deep breath when we come up for air.
Learning to surf, to set out sails and adjust them with the wind.
Look at the sunset when we’re floating and are going nowhere.
Going nowhere can be pretty.
Going nowhere can be relaxing, soothing, refreshing.
It gives us time.
To look around, enjoy the view, make new friends, rest and recharge.
When did having a destination become a must?
Can we not just bob?
Splash a little just for fun?