Intention rules the world (says Oprah Winfrey – and she should know).

Setting your intention doesn’t have to be a 5 year plan. It can be used before meetings, important discussions, or when you start your day.

It’s as simple as asking yourself 4 questions.

Download the worksheet to help you with that.


Research shows that when we count three blessings a day, we get a measurable boost in happiness that uplifts and energizes us. It’s also physiologically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time. If you are focusing on being thankful, you can’t be negative.

So every evening, create a ritual.

  • Note down the 5 things you are grateful for, the things you have received and the things you have learned.
  • They can be small or big. It doesn’t matter. They need to be important to YOU.

Doing this daily creates a habit of focusing on the GOOD.

And after a while you will start noticing things you did not see before.

Download the worksheet to help you with that.

The destructive power of COMPLAINING:

  • It puts your attention on the problem (and what you focus on grows, right?).
  • It’s a socially accepted way of staying where you are.
  • It’s a distraction (from the real problem).
  • It’s a time waster.
  • It eats up your energy.
  • You can not focus on happiness if you complain.
  • It tells the world that you’re a victim (i.e. not in control of your life).
  • It builds your ego (which really is the scared part of you) because it makes something else worse.

The attached worksheet and poster are here to help you create awareness on your complaining habit and start eliminating it to create more energy.

Download the worksheet and the poster.