I am taking a @bethkempton class
A seasonal writing sanctuary

I am so inspired by the daily lessons that I take early in the morning before I start to work.

Today I want to share my musings about INTUITION and how it is invisible, intangible yet its evidence can be felt.

🦋How does your intuition manifest itself? 🦋


When there’s a shiver down my spine
it is a light trying to shine
I hear you

When there’s a tightness in my chest
there is a clue to be guessed
I hear you

When the hairs stand in my neck
a pointed arrow seems but a speck
I hear you

When there’s a fluttering in my gut
it points into a direction somewhat
I hear you

When there’s a sense of deja vu
and I might not really have a clue
I hear you

When synchronicity and serendipity align
and things start to look like a sign
I hear you

When the ego analyses loudly
and intuition is whispering proudly
I hear you

When this ancestral wisdom is felt in my hear
I tend to stop before I start
And listen