A true discovery

Making a vision board with Miranda was a true discovery for me! It was the first time that I’ve experienced the miracle of visualization.

With the simple means of scissors, glue, some magazines, accompanied with the warm tea and relaxing music – I’ve gathered the pictures of my dreams and plans on a large poster. This was a good method to identify and realize my wishes and even structure them in my own special clusters and ways.
For most of the pictures I knew the purpose, but there were also some where I was not sure why I’d cut them out. I simply liked the image. So I glued it to my vision board too.
And guess what? Unexpectedly these images popped up or materialized later in reality, sometimes in a different way, and with some variations. What a ‘coincidence’!
So I guess this is another wonder of the vision board! You are not aware of some of your dreams. Maybe these shy dreams are hiding somewhere in your sub-conscience.  The vision board practice helped me pull them out on the surface. It helped me realize that all my dreams and even most unreal plans have a right to exist.
Besides, what I loved about the vision board creation is that it is such a meditative process. I could completely switch off from the everyday stress and worries, focusing my attention on my inner wishes and being in the moment of creation of the poster but also of the visualization of all the wonderful things to happen in the near future!

I still take lots of advantage from it

The creation of my own vision board was for me the start to a new feeling. A feeling about what is deeper in me and that I want “to wake” up to give these things more attention.  I cut pictures from magazines about things I always wanted to do, things which seemed to just fit me, pictures which attracted me somehow.

Some or most of them were selected intuitively because they attract me somehow, it looks as if they just ‘showed me the way’.

So some deeper background thoughts and feelings got a place, became visible on the vision board. It was a great experience really, and I still take lots of advantage from it. The Visionboard triggered new projects of which I somehow knew deeper in my heart that this is “mine” but it always seemed “too far away” to reach for it. The Visionboard experience allowed me to make them real!

I was really inspired

In my search of personal and spiritual development I bumped into Miranda and her workshop “how to create your vision board” held for Hub Dot Luxembourg,.
I had already heard about vision boards but never really invested my time and intentions on it. That night I was really inspired by your words Miranda, and I decided to express my wishes into images, what I really wanted in that moment of my life. So I started cutting out from the mountains of magazines you had prepared, the pictures of the life I wanted. Once it was ready I was really surprised of the result. What I thought was less important for me, was actually represented with the most beautiful picture of the board, and it was the image of a knight and her lady on a horse. He was hugging her and she was completely lost in his arms. The other pictures where representing my ideal job and my passion for travelling.
When I went home I hung the vision board  next to my bed. I was always looking at it, and I was feeling the magic of that special picture. This picture was representing a feeling I already felt but was disrupted by distance. But after one month from the creation of the vision board my knight was back , totally unexpected, and now I really feel like the lady on the horse.
The rest is still to come but I already got the best of it.
Thank you Miranda, now I have the possibility to express to you my gratitude.


I have attended Art & Yoga retreat with Miranda and Jennifer. Since this retreat I show the 2 paintings I did to all my friends as I feel that thanks to Miranda creative painting methodologies and Jennifer Yoga “Heart Gym” I could release myself and really paint what I felt without worrying about the outcome or any judgment even my own. Thank you very much Miranda and Jennifer for your lovely personalities, for chasing your dreams and being an example for all other women. You really helped me to be happy with me no matter what is the outcome just by doing what I wanted! Let it go!


This was my BEFORE situation (state of being, what did your life look like):
A big mess. A bit like a mid-life crisis where you do not know in which direction to go.
The effects of a brain tumor and epilepsy from childhood. Who am I really? How do I make it clear to my surroundings who I am and what my needs and desires are (I have neglected my own needs and desires too much).
My relationship does not work so well. Are there limitations due to epilepsy /are there limitations in me? Am I a different person than what my husband always has believed?
Should I change career into something more creative?
How do I find more adventure in my life?
I signed up because (what made you decide):
I needed every help I could get. And to get away a bit. I was already doing sessions with a psychotherapist to help me get clarity, and doing mindfulness. Really, I had nothing to lose; it was a win-win.
This is my AFTER situation (what did you get out of this, how did it help you, any a-ha moments big or small, how will your life change, any first steps you know you need to take when you get home):
I came home in a completely different state of mind and full of energy which had an immediate effect on the rest of the family.
I have told my husband which story I presented in the Creative Circle, I have told about the other girls’ experiences, and I have told him about my goals.
I did a photocopy of the whole material for him. We have been reading it all together and sat down to do our checklists (we sent the kids to the circus with the grandparents). It has given us a great bonding experience and clarity to see where we are. Clarity is such a good word!
So now we can work on it together. This week has been exceptionally good at home. There has been such a positive atmosphere, we have connected. My husband and I have put our thoughts and opinions on the table for each other, and are discussing them in depth and with great respect for each other.
And I have eliminated so many time-eaters already!
So the retreat has already changed a lot for me. And I know there is a lot more to come. All in all: a huge THANK YOU to you, Miranda!!!!!!


Before the Retreat …
I was not in a good place in my life, I was exhausted, on the verge of a breakdown and just generally overwhelmed by life.

I Signed up because …
I felt I was at a crossroads in my life. Stuck working an office job I hated, desperately trying to start a new business that I felt passionate about but I just didn’t know where to start. When I saw the flyer it felt like this had come at exactly the right time.

After the Retreat …
The biggest thing I got out of the Retreat was “attending to your own oxygen mask first”. Regardless of being a mom and my kids being the most important things in my life, if I’m not healthy and happy then they won’t be either. The Retreat helped me put things in perspective in the grand scheme of things.

An Investment in YOU …
I have to admit that the cost of the Retreat put me off initially, but when I thought about it and figured in the cost of the accommodation, food and yoga classes, I realised that combined with what I could get out of it, it wasn’t that much. If I had gone away for a weekend in London, I would have spent that and more and got significantly less out of the deal.

B. Salz

Before, I did not know how to ‘do’ it. IT being a clearer vision. Of my days, my week, my mid term goals. I did not know how to change something in my life, where to start. I lost so much energy due to negative stuff. I signed up for the retreat because I wanted to know whether there is something to learn about changing that. And I wanted to meet with others who have the same problem. During the retreat I learned that I can steer my energy to the things I want. There is a structure I can set up which helps me to get a clearer view on a day, a week…. The vision board was a very good tool to become more conscious and secure about what I want. It is hanging in my house and it makes me feel proud. It was an excellent get together of women and we shared a lot of information in a fantastic environment, bedded in some activities for the soul (massage, swim, sauna). All together just perfect!

Sonja Soyer

The space and time that the retreat provided were chosen with great love and care into the smallest detail! I am taking home clarity and my intention and tons of practical tips to follow up on my path. Thank you very much Miranda and all the lovely people who helped to get the atmosphere!

Jill Kibbey

Grateful for an enjoyable weekend of reflection, intention and action, and the opportunity to connect with creative, like-minded women in a supportive environment. Good balance of theory and experiential work and the yoga was an effective way to start off the day and center the energy.

Edith van den Heuvel

Wonderful food, amazing massage, perfect organization, powerful content of the course, very well and professionally facilitated, enough space to relax, think and connect. Very empowering.

Amy Heck

I was grateful to have this opportunity to retreat from my daily life and be guided to look at my life and the areas that I was having some issues, and be given the tools to now change my behavior. The massage, yoga and healthy food really completed the whole package. Wonderful women! Thank you.

Lynn Frank

Great food, great company, balanced and enjoyable program with plenty of time for reflection and relaxation.

Just having fun experimenting

It was very liberating to just do what you felt like doing, without thinking just having fun experimenting with colours, shapes and forms and even more amazing to see the results ….

Waking up your inner spark of imagination, self-belief, creativity, fun and surprise

Miranda has a gift of waking up your inner spark of imagination, self-belief, creativity, fun and surprise. The classes are a perfect mix of independent meditative exploration, fun group vibe and supportive coaching. When I’m there, I’m really THERE. There’s fun in getting your hands dirty doing something manual at last, but at the same time some philosophical life lessons to be learnt about letting go, having a fresh approach, doing things in a different way… Most important – really anyone can do it, it’s not just a slogan.

I have again found the joy in painting and discovered new ways of being creative

I longed for taking up painting again but didn’t want to go back to the same kind of classes I had joined in previous years.
By chance I got Miranda’s name from one of my colleagues. I got interested and thought it was worth trying something new.
I have again found the joy in painting and discovered new ways of being creative. And it is very interesting to see my results. I also enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Accessible for everyone including people like me that do not dare to paint

This one day in this cosy workshop dedicated to painting was for me the possibility to be away from the routine, explore my hidden talents of mixing colors, explore my creative part and be relaxed with no challenge.
It is accessible for everyone including people like me that do not dare to paint. Surrounded by lovely people in a beautiful environment made it special.
You come back home with 2 paintings and the satisfaction to have discovered something new.

Soul treatment for the brain

This was pure soul treatment for the brain, I felt extremely well after that painting day and was like dancing on the sun.
The inspiration for the brain to do something completely different was a very good experience for me. It teaches me that stimulation from a completely different area, like art, brings creative feeling in you – a very nice feeling. Yes, you can be creative, this is what I have learnt and it makes me very happy.
It opens a door to a new experience of how you can spend your free time with yourself.
The choice of colors and materials, the nice painting environment and nice women around were the cherry on the top! This type/technique of painting is something for everyone ! Everyone can learn to paint like this – in his own style.

Miranda has an amazing gift.

Miranda has an amazing gift. As a creative connector (or is it connecting creator?), she fills a room with strangers and makes them feel comfortable. Then the magic happens: People open up, talk about anything and everything, and laugh – a lot. Women, Wine & Wisdom is a very uplifting, motivating, and life-affirming group. Miranda is its heart and soul.

Thank you for helping the universe do its work!

Inspiring group with good talks

Women, Wine & Wisdom is an inspiring group with good talks in the wonderful Café litteraire Bovary

The ideas we shared were somehow meaningful for all of us

It was my first time to meet the group and I am very happy I came. So nice, still so different people, but the ideas we shared were somehow meaningful for all of us. The intention board seems useful as well, I have to make one for myself and let’s see! And the cafeteria was so lovely, I fell in love at first sight😊

My vision board keeps amazing me every time I look at it

Thank you very much for an inspirational afternoon, I loved it!
Being with all different people who are all wanting to move in their own positive direction was very nice, the buzz was there.
I must admit, when we were starting the whole thing, choosing magazines,the ripping and the cutting, I was really wondering how on earth something useful would come out of it.
But just being in the moment and letting your heart speak when selecting the images was so nurturing, and even more so putting the images in their place.
Keeping the mind at bay in the creative process made me so happy, so yes, my dear vision board has made it clear to me what I need to concentrate on to create the start of a more fulfilling life, my life.
My vision board keeps amazing me every time I look at it; it tells me messages on a feeling level, not on a mind/word level, so it really connects with me. And if things will manifest as they are pictured, OMG!, that would give my life a boost!
I truly hope that it is the same for everyone in the group.

From now on, I’ll connect with my vision board every day and thus find joy in everything I do and have to do.
Thanks again Miranda

This visionboard workshop has blown me away!

Although I know Miranda for a while and also know her creative work and coaching well, this visionboard workshop has blown me away. I was a bit suspicious at the beginning. I DID trust in Miranda’s guidelines for sure, but did not trust myself that I’d be able to fully engage in the exercise. But I did engage. Oh yes I DID!! Thanks to Miranda. The location, Miranda’s guidelines, the energy. Everything was in perfect harmony! My vision in much clearer now. I knew beforehand that some feelings and things were important to me, but I did not want to admit them in my life. With the workshop they have become very defined. I am at peace with myself now. I feel as if my brain and heart, my wishes, were aligned now.

Wow mommy! did you do really do THAT?

I had a lovely experience in the series of Intuitive Painting Workshops which fit perfectly into my self development goals to develop my intuition and bring more creativity into my life. The last time I painted intuitively was as a child so it’s been a while… Trying to be creative again when you are older after such a long time is not easy and walking into an art supply store (or knowing where to find one) not knowing where to start can be daunting. So I really appreciated that Miranda provided a detailed list of exactly what you need to purchase and where to get it. And from there on it was really easy as she explained very well what the steps are to follow (with limitless possibilities) and how to use different techniques and layers plus how to use the colour wheel to choose the colours to work with. And all this in her studio situated in the lovely peaceful and green Berdorf area with a pot of tea brewing on the side. This was really a wonderful relaxing experience and I had no expectations following my non-existing artistic background but was pleasantly surprised with my 2 paintings. The best was the big reveal to my 4 & 6 year olds and husband. They just went “Wow mommy! did you do really do THAT?”.
Thank you for a lovely opportunity to get creative in an intuitive way, Miranda 🙂

Super event

Relaxed, inspiring and very fruitful, thank you for a super event.

Fab job!

Fab job Miranda – had a great time and nice to meet some new faces.

Only by attending one evening

Only by attending one evening of Women, Wine & Wisdom, Miranda has brought a lot to me.
She is an inspiring, warm and loving person! From the first step I made inside at that evening she gave me the feeling of being with a group of friends, she has great knowledge and I just hope to meet her many more times in the futute!


Painting with you is so much fun!!!

A great experience

Painting with Miranda was a great experience, she gives very good advice to help you develop your creativity and find your own style. So much fun to create with other.
I will do it again!!

You call us ARTISTS

What I like in your Workshop:

-you inspire us with ideas and tips which are easy to realise
-you don’t stop us when we go mad on a color
-you push us to go over our own borders
-you give us a hand when we are lost
-we can use all of your colors and other painting items
-you call us ARTISTS ☺️

I took Miranda’s CreativeMe.TV ART-Doodling class

I took Miranda’s CreativeMe.TV ART-Doodling class in which her ideas are explained very clearly, even for someone like me who doesn’t speak English very well. Her method is visual and detailed.

Being creative is so much more than just drawing.
It is for everyone and it is never too late to renew with your inner creative.

The creative path that Miranda guides you on will serve your everyday well-being.

I am happy I took the time for this class and can recommend it.

Attended vision board workshop for the 4th time

This year I attended Miranda’s vision board workshop for the 4th time in a row and as I was suspecting for it to not be a success in this year 2020, I was wrong. Miranda sent out her energy, and the magic happened. Her introduction to vision boards at the beginning is like a mantra to me that softly guides me into this bubble in which I can immerse and get in touch with my inner self.

A valuable practice

After having you on the radio, I was intrigued and ended up doing a vision board workshop with you – I really enjoyed it and think it’s a valuable practice! And of course, it’s one that can be repeated – it’s not a one-shot deal. It’s interesting that it involves being both spontaneous and reflective, working with the conscious mind and the subconsious, and it reveals things! A few very surprising and wonderful things emerged in the board I made in your workshop, and you told me that this is something that happens often. Plus, you have an incredible stock of materials to use and a great space to work in – we were all very private and working alone, yet there was a strong sense of support and togetherness. And you offered great tea and coffee and snacks – always a plus in my book. – Wendy

I will always be grateful for everything you shared

Many thanks for helping me with your coaching program this year. You cannot imagine what that represented to me. I will always be grateful for everything you shared with me and especially for listening. Thank you. – A.

With only one session, she helped me get clarity and to feel stronger

Miranda did not come into my life by coincidence, it was destiny! I had come across her weekly newsletters which I read with great interest and found very inspiring and started following her on social media (I still do). Then I found out that we had a common friend and we met for lunch and my sympathy for her in the digital world was confirmed in the real world. I then booked the “Create your life” retreat with her and since then Miranda has been an important person on my path to myself. The visionboard workshop during the retreat has been an interesting and powerful tool that I have used again since to set intentions in a playful way. The art workshop has brought back my love for painting and the confidence that everybody can paint and is creative.
Last but not least, her coaching sessions have helped me overcome difficult moments in my life by giving very practical and hands-on advice!
– I wanted to do more for myself and subscribed to a writing course. I didn’t finish it, but thanks to her I tried and I now know it was not what I really wanted and I do not regret, because it is off my list (and if I want to write my memoir one day, I don’t need a writing course, I just write it and get her as coach to push me 😉
– I had a very difficult situation at work and she helped me prepare my meetings with my superiors which made me feel more confident
– When I separated from my husband, with only one session, she helped me get clarity and to feel stronger
Thank you dear Miranda for all your support!

Grateful to the Universe for putting her in my path in this life

I signed up for coaching sessions with Miranda because I felt inspired by the way she was talking about life, about woman’s power, the way she was encouraging us to question ourselves, and I definitely wanted more of that.

It didn’t stop there. Miranda sowed a perennial seed in me, she gave me tools to become a better version of me, to understand what my purpose in life was, what I really wanted to do. She encouraged me to take action, to move my ass, to set boundaries that allowed me to reach my goals. She helped me create habits (I still do my weekly summit and extended it to monthly summits as well).

She gave me plenty of reasons not to be afraid to be everything that I am (the daughter, the mother, the employee, the friend, the wife, etc) but without loosing my core identity. She helped me destroy a world of false statements that I had in my mind and helped me rebuild. She gave me strength, but especially allowed me to be myself, she welcomed my feelings, she listened and simply accepted me as I am. This allowed me to release everything I had been accumulating for years, and finally gave me the courage to say when I wasn’t okay, to honour my need for rest and me-time and make myself a priority, because nobody can give from an empty cup. 

When I found Miranda I found a soul that changed my life forever, and I can’t be more grateful to the Universe for putting her in my path in this life. Thank you for being inspirational for me and I am sure for many others…

Painting with Miranda is enriching

Painting with Miranda is enriching because she gives always good tips and advice. Thanks to her I discovered new ways of painting.

A retreat for my mind

The mini-retreat was really mini in terms of timeframe, but really a retreat for my mind in terms of quality.

Hiking in the beautiful nature and then creating a piece of art in company of other ” artists” is such a calming and nurturing activity for the body and the mind!

Miranda is always helpful and takes care of the well being of the whole group.