Create your Life – instead of reacting to it!

As women, we manage multiple roles, each tugging at us for attention.

We are used to putting others first. We are trying to be everything to everyone: wife, mother, employee, friend, daughter… We don’t pick one, but try to juggle them all. And we wonder why we feel like we’re just trying to survive each day.

For some reason, we find it acceptable to put our needs on the backburner – until one day – we suddenly realize how unhappy we are.

That’s your intuition telling you it’s time to change. You’re at a crossroad. Once you get there, it’s sometimes difficult to know which way is up. You may find it easier to jumpstart change with new tools and perspectives.

A life of indecision and overwhelm. Can you relate?

Too many choices. Too much pressure. Too many people to be responsible to (and for). Too many tasks hanging over your head. Too many deadlines. Too many details. Simply too much.

All of this stress and responsibility and lists of “to do’s” and “shoulds” is making you feel completely overwhelmed. Sometimes you feel like your brain just doesn’t work anymore. You can’t think clearly or focus. Even the smallest decision or question – like “what’s for dinner?”, or “what kind of ice cream would you like?” – can get you all tied up in knots or kick your emotions into overdrive. Your cup is running over. 

Add to this frustration the reality that, in your heart, you can’t remember why you’re doing much of what you’re doing anymore. Life feels like it’s more routine than meaning. You feel like you’re going to drown. So you just keep treading water and try not to think about it. But you know there must be more to life than this.

Read on…

From HOW to WOW

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. So start by doing one thing differently – or better – and the rest will eventually follow. That’s the philosophy at the heart of all Create Your Life Steps.

Each Create Your Life Step helps you create the foundation of your daily routine so that you gain Clarity to create Balance, Connection, Purpose, Power, and Energy.

Each step can be taken individually but is ideally taken in sequence from 1 to 4.


Knowing what you want and being clear are the two foundations of creating a life you want. When you have clarity, you can set your intentions and move in a direction that YOU CHOOSE. Rather than going with the flow and spending years doing things that don’t really matter to you (or that drain your energy), clarity and intention allow you to create your own life.

Read Life begins to flourish when there’s Clarity and Intention.


Elimination is ultimately an inside job. All of our decisions need to come from an authentic place within in order to create maximum benefit.

The truth is, it takes energy to focus on our intention. So we can’t afford to keep losing energy on the not-so-helpful habits we’ve been holding on to. Elimination is about clearing out and reducing the noise so we can focus on the results we desire.

Read Create Space for Intention through Elimination.


After you’ve done the work to get clear about your intention and eliminate the clutter that drains the energy you need to move forward, Integration is the foundation that makes this shift a permanent part of the way you live your life.

The danger is that, without attention, this space can quickly get filled with negativity, old habits, and energy drainers instead of the positive fuel you need to keep moving forward.

Read Integration builds the Foundation of your new life

Step 4 – ACTION

After having completed steps 1 (INTENTION) and 2 (ELIMINATION) and 3 (INTEGRATION) of the Create Your Life Steps, you are now ready to take some serious action to achieve your dream life.

But before you run off and fill your agenda with To Do lists, there are a few important steps that come first.

Your conscious choice doesn’t get realized without action. And that’s the necessary fourth step in the Create Your Life steps process. Here’s what you need to know about ACTION.