After having completed steps 1 (INTENTION) and 2 (ELIMINATION) and 3 (INTEGRATION) of the Create Your Life Steps, you are now ready to take some serious action to achieve your dream life.

But before you run off and fill your agenda with To Do lists, there are a few important steps that come first.

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. – Benjamin Disraeli

The afternoon’s program will tackle the following areas:

  1. Decision
    – from where to make decisions
    – from ‘going with the flow’ to ‘commitment’
  2. Action
    – Busy-ness or Laziness vs. Action
    – Blocks and fixes
  3. How to accomplish anything
    – Baby steps and delegation
  4. Important ingredients
    – self care, imperfection, accountability and Celebration

Why should I attend this ACTION workshop?

The Create Your Life Step 4: ACTION is for you if:

  • You have attended one or all of the prior Create Your Life Steps
  • You have integrated what you learned into your daily life but still can’t seem to move forward.
  • You keep getting overwhelmed.
  • You have too many things on your to do list and can’t seem to get anything done.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself by taking a few hours away from your roles and responsibilities to “fill up” with comfort, camaraderie, and inspiration.
  • A year from now, you do not want your life to look and feel like it does today – but you’re uncertain how to go about the process and take action.


I was grateful to have this opportunity to retreat from my daily life and be guided to look at my life and the areas that I was having some issues, and be given the tools to now change my behavior.

How does it work?

The Create Your Life Steps offer a balance of group workshops and individual activities during one afternoon or day.

STEP 3 of the Create Your Life Steps is all about ACTION. Now that you know what you want, you have eliminated all the obstacles, have integrated what you have learned into your daily life you are ready to take some serious action.

You can choose to complete the four-step process through additional workshops that are designed to offer you further support if needed.

What do I get?

This afternoon package includes:

  • ACTION workshop, coaching and all program materials.
  • Your own set of worksheets to take home.
  • Clear tools on how to make decisions, say no and take action without being overwhelmed..
  • A calm and secure space among women to think and talk about what you really want.
  • Snacks and drinks

Your personal benefits:

  • Clarity – about where you stand and where you want to go
  • Program, tools, worksheets – how to get there once you know what you want
  • Structure and systems – how to set up your desired changes and integrate a new structure in your daily life
  • Mindsets – positive mindset, small changes in habits and rituals that make a big difference


Before, I did not know how to ‘do’ it. IT being a clearer vision. Of my days, my week, my mid term goals. I did not know how to change something in my life, where to start. I lost so much energy due to negative stuff. I signed up for the retreat because I wanted to know whether there is something to learn about changing that. And I wanted to meet with others who have the same problem. During the retreat I learned that I can steer my energy to the things I want. There is a structure I can set up which helps me to get a clearer view on a day, a week…. The vision board was a very good tool to become more conscious and secure about what I want. It is hanging in my house and it makes me feel proud.

If you’re ready to Get Real and give yourself the space, tools and support to Get Clear about your ideal future, join me and other like-minded women, at the next Action Workshop.