Christmas is around the corner and I would like to share with you a list of my recent favorite things. Maybe some will inspire you and make it onto your gift or wish list for the holiday.

I have not added any books here as there was a recent list with favorite reads.

FYI: NONE of these links are affiliate links.

Rupi Kaur’s Writing Prompts

I have been a fan of Rupi Kaur for years. Her poetry books are amazing (Home Body is one of my favorites) and I discovered her writing prompt cards when I was in the US and my dear friend found this one for me. Each card gives you a prompt to write. There are cards for Gratitude, Balance, Self-Love and Relationships.

They are great to use for yourself or to gift to a loved one.


This site lets you share your love with the special people in your life with a one-of-a-kind original song, written and recorded by a professional musician. You choose who the song is for, what kind of music genre you want, which type of beat or style of music you prefer and you get to choose the artist based on your selection. That artist will then create a special, personalised song for you. You can download and listen to your original song anytime, read your lyrics and even get to know your artist.

Handmade notebook/planner cover

Seher Canlı likes to sew. She creates lovely handmade tote bags, wallets and pouches to hold all you items from planners, notebooks over phones and computers to cosmetics. I ordered a new pouch to hold my Moleskin agenda (I am a paper agenda girl!) and love the colour and finish as well as all the pockets where I can add things.


At Creativebug you can learn something new everyday. Art making, painting, sewing, knitting, quilting, food and home creations etc. There really is something for everyone. Classes can be learning journeys or take you to daily practices.  I recently signed up (again) for a year and loved the classes by the artist e bond that have inspired quite a bit of my recent art journaling.

Do what you love for life

At Do What You Love For Life, Beth Kempton, author or Wabi Sabi, Calm Christmas and  The Way of the Fearless Writer, offers life changing online classes. I have by now read all her books and taken quite a few classes and they are honestly some of the best I have ever taken online. Some classes are even free and there are a lot of goodies to download (like the Calm Christmas Planner). Head on over and browse, I am sure you will find something you or a friend will love.


If you are like me you love art journaling. I’ve been doing it for years. Sometimes though, I’m in creativity rut and need new inspiration. It’s a great idea to take a class or join an art community to get new ideas and be inspired by others. Kasia Avery has been organising Wanderlust, a year-long course in mixed media art journaling for some time now and I have been wanting to participate forever. So this year I decided to gift it to myself.

You will get weekly video lessons by 32 guest teachers and the 2 hosts, lots of printable, access to the Wanderlust community and much more.

So why not join me?

If you are not sure, you can join Kasia’s free Care December course to get an idea of what it’s like to create art and take care of yourself while doing so.

Write your story workshops

Tanya Markul is the author of The She Book series. She organises creative writing workshops to create inner change. I have recently participated in one (via Zoom) and found them really enjoyable. Tanya guides you into writing with questions and prompts and invites everyone to share (although that is absolutely no must). These workshops are for journaling and creative + emotional expression-type writing and I found it quite helpful.

The next one takes place on December 17th.

You can read more about her and her poems and quotes on her Instagram.

Get your own Miranda

I am clearing out my studio to create space for something new.

So I am selling A LOT of paintings at a discounted price. If you are looking for an original artwork, check out my gallery for existing painting ready to be delivered and on your wall before Christmas. If you see something you like, send me a mail and I will get back to you asap.

If you want a custom made painting, adapted to your story, with colours you love and integrating elements of your life, then you can get your own Miranda.

Fruit Basket

Sometimes it is the small things that make my day.

For a long time I’ve had one fruit basket on the kitchen counter but was never really happy with it. It never seemed to fit everything I’d want to put in it. It needed to be mesh so that fruit could breathe and not rot but often small fruit would be squashed. And when adding an onion it would create a mess underneath. So I found my ideal fruit basket that has 3 levels make of mesh so you can spread our your fruits and the top basket is made of finer mesh so onions don’t leave a mess or small fruit doesn’t fall through.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.


Another, a little bigger pleasure, has been the purchase of an air fryer. I had been dithering for quite a while as to whether I would use it a lot. But with teenagers in the house and no microwave, this is the next best thing. It is big enough for tuna melts, fries and chicken and if you add the nifty accessories you can even bake or fry meat on skewers.

Traveller backpack

I recently visited my friend in the US and it was time for a new traveller backpack. I really wanted one that has enough compartments so things do not get lost, but that also opens wide and remains standing when opened. Oh and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This one ticks all those boxes and I have travelled a few times since and am very happy with it. It also comes in many colour combinations.

Men’s pyjama bottoms

I am not a fan of checkered anything, but with my teenage son, these pyjama pants are all the hype. Soft flannel, wide and baggy, easy to wash and dry. He is a fan. So if you have teenage sons (or daughters as his girlfriend wears them too), then this is a useful gift.

Holbein Artist Gouache Kit

This summer I took a watercolour class in Holland with immensely talented Helen Dardik. As I had never done watercolour I purchased everything on the materials list and love this Gouache Kit from Holbein. Great brand, excellent quality, bright and intense colours.

Helen Dardik prints

Helen Dardik is quite famous in the watercolour world. I had never heard of her until my friend mentioned the workshop and I travelled to Holland to be introduced to Helen’s whimsical world. If you like original art, and fun looking characters, this is the place to shop for either a print or an original piece.