I used to pride myself on my multitasking skills.
I can still be a highly functional multitasker 🤯

The thing is: it’s so damn exhausting!!!
It’s also so bad for you.
Studies have shown that multitasking lowers your IQ and that chronic multitasking decreases grey matter density.😱
That’s no small thing!

Multitasking is really just task switching (we don’t really do all the things at once) and it kills productivity. And your peace.

So let’s all switch to 👉 MONOTASKING!

🌟Eliminate distractions

🌟Define one task and focus on just that (write that one email, create that one post, read that one chapter, fold laundry,…)

🌟Know your peak performance time (and do your most important work then)

🌟Build time slots that work for you (20, 30, 40 minutes?)

🌟Plan no-tasking slots too (to take a walk, a nap even, or just go get a coffee)

For me the toughest to manage is still distractions, because I cannot always control all of them. But since they irritate me the most, they are my number one priority when I monotask.

I make sure I switch off my phone and any alerts, I close my door, I let people know I’m working on something (sign on door, do not disturb in chat/or switch off chat)…

I’m a monotasker in progress.
One task at a time.

🦋Are you good at monotasking? 🦋