As many of you know, I choose a Word of the Year each year. It accompanies me throughout the year and has served me much much better than any resolution I have set in the past.

Recently I have been feeling quite aligned with myself and I stumbled across an article of my first life coach on revisiting your word of the year. It is good practice to revisit your word of the year at the mid point of the year – so we’re just in time for summer solstice happening this weekend…

My word for 2021 was SOFTEN. When I chose it (or it chose me), it meant the following:

  • Soften EVERYTHING. Soften into and around situations.
  • Soften into my day in the morning, and into the end of the day at night.
  • Soften my day and agenda by creating breathing space..
  • Soften my actions and reactions in any given situation.
  • Soften my goals, plans, workshops.
  •  Soften my step, my fitness.
  • Soften my expectations and my perspective.
  • Accept the softening of my body.
  • Soften around my teenagers while they are becoming adults in these difficult times.

So each year, around the middle mark, I revisit my word to see where I stand and whether I am still on track, how it has spoken to me and what I have done.

I must admit that I struggle a bit with with my word of the year. I also know that that is always the case as I have ideas of what it means but then it shows itself in so many other ways. Hah!

I’m still struggling with the softening. I’ve always considered myself a doer, an action person, a problem solver. So softening does not come naturally to me.

Each year I used to get my word printed on a silver necklace to wear and be reminded daily. I now wear my word on a morse code bracelet.

I have managed to soften my expectations which goes in line with that I think things should be effortless.

My morning routine has changed (and softened) as well. Working from home has it’s benefits.

And Covid has helped in my agenda being less full.

I realise again and again that everything starts with intention and clarity.

And when things are not going so softly, I stop, breathe, get clear and take my time to set a new intention.

Remember what your word of the year was? How is it panning out for you?