You are full of your own habits, opinions, criticisms and thoughts.

In order to learn new things, to create your own life, you need to empty your cup, empty your mind and create space for new ideas and possibilities.

Elimination is an inside job. And we often address it from the outside.

Example: you are trying to ‘get organised’. You go out to buy boxes, stickers, you have a plan… You get home…and you’re lost and/or overwhelmed. Not much gets done.

You started from ‘outside’ of yourself.

It’s like going to see a movie, deciding that you are not going to like it and then trying to get the movie to change…

  • Fixing ‘from the outside’ is a lot of work that doesn’t last.
  • Fixing ‘from the inside’ is effective and effortless.

People try to improve their life. But they act different to what they are asking. So they take lots of actions to make up the difference. Which leads to frustration. Because you give too much credit to outside forces.

“Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.”- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The afternoon’s program will tackle the following areas:

Increase your energy

  • What is energy and where are your leaks
  • Creating awareness

Clear out the clutter

  • What is it and where is it?
  • How to get rid of it in order to create space

Use Attention as a weapon

  • Complaining

Create Space for new goals

Why should I attend this ELIMINATION workshop?

The Create Your Life Step 2: ELIMINATION is for you if:

  • You know something is in the way of your dreams.
  • Your life is often messy, unorganised and you want to start looking at creating order.
  • You keep doing trying things without results.
  • You want to create space: mentally and physically.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself by taking a few hours away from your roles and responsibilities to “fill up” with comfort, camaraderie, and inspiration.
  • A year from now, you do not want your life to look and feel like it does today – but you’re uncertain how to go about the process (maybe even uncertain what you prefer instead).


Step2 – Elimination is a ‘must’ workshop for everyone, even for people who haven’t already completed a visionboard!
While at the workshop, I realized that I have started the elimination process of my life way before creating a visionboard. It is a long journey with lots of ups and downs. This workshop helped me put things into the right perspective: appreciate the work already done, dig deeper into the areas that need more attention and create a plan of how I can go there. Even more importantly, I found a place where all this things can be discussed, shared and be supported, at the same time. For me, this is priceless. Thank you, Miranda.
Polina G.

How does it work?

The Create Your Life Steps offer a balance of group workshops and individual activities during one afternoon or day.

STEP 2 of the Create Your Life Steps is all about ELIMINATION. Now that you know what you want, we will help you to get from A to B.

You can choose to complete the four-step process through additional follow-on workshops that are designed to offer you further support if needed.

What do I get?

This afternoon package includes:

  • Elimination workshop, coaching and all program materials.
  • Your own 4 areas of elimination worksheet to take home.
  • Your own Energy leak list worksheet to take home.
  • A calm and secure space among women to think and talk about what you really want.
  • Snacks and drinks

Your personal benefits:

  • Clarity – about where you stand and where you want to go
  • Program, tools, worksheets – how to get there once you know what you want
  • Structure and systems – how to set up your desired changes and integrate a new structure in your daily life
  • Mindsets – positive mindset, small changes in habits and rituals that make a big difference


The space and time that the workshop provided were chosen with great love and care into the smallest detail! I am taking home clarity and my intention and tons of practical tips to follow up on my path. Thank you very much Miranda and all the lovely people who helped to get the atmosphere!

Sonja Soyer

If you’re ready to Get Real and give yourself the space, tools and support to Get Clear about your ideal future, join me and other like-minded women, at the next Elimination Workshop.