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Vacation Days of sleeping in and doing nothing Days of getting up early to hike, mountainbike or visit sights Days of beach and watching your kids have fun Days of endless reading Days of trying out restaurants Days of staying in and cooking pasta Days of taking a boat onto the sea Days of squabbling with your teenagers Days of making memories Days of enjoying being away A day of looking forward to go home *** Last day on gorgeous Madeira. I for sure will be back. Just so I can explore this bea [...]


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In the basement there is a swing. It has a red seat and blue ropes hanging from the ceiling, right next to and along the basement staircase. The basement also houses my father's workshop. Every day after dinner, he will go down and spend time fixing some device or other. He puts on some music from the 70ies on a cassette tape, like Massachusetts from the Bee Gees, and I can hear his toiling noises adding an interesting background to the song. I am swinging. The simple joy of moving back and for [...]

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