This was my BEFORE situation (state of being, what did your life look like):
A big mess. A bit like a mid-life crisis where you do not know in which direction to go.
The effects of a brain tumor and epilepsy from childhood. Who am I really? How do I make it clear to my surroundings who I am and what my needs and desires are (I have neglected my own needs and desires too much).
My relationship does not work so well. Are there limitations due to epilepsy /are there limitations in me? Am I a different person than what my husband always has believed?
Should I change career into something more creative?
How do I find more adventure in my life?
I signed up because (what made you decide):
I needed every help I could get. And to get away a bit. I was already doing sessions with a psychotherapist to help me get clarity, and doing mindfulness. Really, I had nothing to lose; it was a win-win.
This is my AFTER situation (what did you get out of this, how did it help you, any a-ha moments big or small, how will your life change, any first steps you know you need to take when you get home):
I came home in a completely different state of mind and full of energy which had an immediate effect on the rest of the family.
I have told my husband which story I presented in the Creative Circle, I have told about the other girls’ experiences, and I have told him about my goals.
I did a photocopy of the whole material for him. We have been reading it all together and sat down to do our checklists (we sent the kids to the circus with the grandparents). It has given us a great bonding experience and clarity to see where we are. Clarity is such a good word!
So now we can work on it together. This week has been exceptionally good at home. There has been such a positive atmosphere, we have connected. My husband and I have put our thoughts and opinions on the table for each other, and are discussing them in depth and with great respect for each other.
And I have eliminated so many time-eaters already!
So the retreat has already changed a lot for me. And I know there is a lot more to come. All in all: a huge THANK YOU to you, Miranda!!!!!!