I had a lovely experience in the series of Intuitive Painting Workshops which fit perfectly into my self development goals to develop my intuition and bring more creativity into my life. The last time I painted intuitively was as a child so it’s been a while… Trying to be creative again when you are older after such a long time is not easy and walking into an art supply store (or knowing where to find one) not knowing where to start can be daunting. So I really appreciated that Miranda provided a detailed list of exactly what you need to purchase and where to get it. And from there on it was really easy as she explained very well what the steps are to follow (with limitless possibilities) and how to use different techniques and layers plus how to use the colour wheel to choose the colours to work with. And all this in her studio situated in the lovely peaceful and green Berdorf area with a pot of tea brewing on the side. This was really a wonderful relaxing experience and I had no expectations following my non-existing artistic background but was pleasantly surprised with my 2 paintings. The best was the big reveal to my 4 & 6 year olds and husband. They just went “Wow mommy! did you do really do THAT?”.
Thank you for a lovely opportunity to get creative in an intuitive way, Miranda 🙂