In my search of personal and spiritual development I bumped into Miranda and her workshop “how to create your vision board” held for Hub Dot Luxembourg,.
I had already heard about vision boards but never really invested my time and intentions on it. That night I was really inspired by your words Miranda, and I decided to express my wishes into images, what I really wanted in that moment of my life. So I started cutting out from the mountains of magazines you had prepared, the pictures of the life I wanted. Once it was ready I was really surprised of the result. What I thought was less important for me, was actually represented with the most beautiful picture of the board, and it was the image of a knight and her lady on a horse. He was hugging her and she was completely lost in his arms. The other pictures where representing my ideal job and my passion for travelling.
When I went home I hung the vision board  next to my bed. I was always looking at it, and I was feeling the magic of that special picture. This picture was representing a feeling I already felt but was disrupted by distance. But after one month from the creation of the vision board my knight was back , totally unexpected, and now I really feel like the lady on the horse.
The rest is still to come but I already got the best of it.
Thank you Miranda, now I have the possibility to express to you my gratitude.