Making a vision board with Miranda was a true discovery for me! It was the first time that I’ve experienced the miracle of visualization.

With the simple means of scissors, glue, some magazines, accompanied with the warm tea and relaxing music – I’ve gathered the pictures of my dreams and plans on a large poster. This was a good method to identify and realize my wishes and even structure them in my own special clusters and ways.
For most of the pictures I knew the purpose, but there were also some where I was not sure why I’d cut them out. I simply liked the image. So I glued it to my vision board too.
And guess what? Unexpectedly these images popped up or materialized later in reality, sometimes in a different way, and with some variations. What a ‘coincidence’!
So I guess this is another wonder of the vision board! You are not aware of some of your dreams. Maybe these shy dreams are hiding somewhere in your sub-conscience.  The vision board practice helped me pull them out on the surface. It helped me realize that all my dreams and even most unreal plans have a right to exist.
Besides, what I loved about the vision board creation is that it is such a meditative process. I could completely switch off from the everyday stress and worries, focusing my attention on my inner wishes and being in the moment of creation of the poster but also of the visualization of all the wonderful things to happen in the near future!