Today I had some worries and thus some emotions to tackle and walking has always helped me letting emotions course through my body.

So at lunchtime, I took myself on a swift walk.

It was stormy, but the wind settled into the tree tops as soon as I got into the woods.

Suddenly I heard a noise I couldn’t place and it made me jump. A dog? A boar? I stopped and looked around. Nothing.

I walked on and it seemed that my senses were heightened.

I heard some squeaky noises I couldn’t really place either and when I stopped and listened, I realised that it was the fir trees moving in the wind.
I felt like they were saying: we see you, we feel you, you are part of us.

It made me emotional (well, I already was emotional to begin with) and I hugged a fir tree and breathed in it’s Christmassy scent. Mmmmhhh. My heartbeat slowed down and I could feel my emotions slowly moving through my body.

I thanked the tree and moved on out of the fir forest into a mixed forest.
The trees continued to accompany me with their speaking but the sound was different coming from these leafless trees.

We see you, we feel you, you are part of us.

I felt a big gratitude towards this forest welcoming me and my emotions and telling me we are all part of one big, magic Universe.

It wasn’t until I was almost at the end of my forest walk that I realised something even more magical.

For Christmas I received this lovely deck of oracle cards,  which is all about the invisible creatures of nature.
This morning, while planning my day, I pulled a card with the question: what do I need to know/see during my walk through the woods today?

And I pulled the gnomes card.

The card describes that gnomes take care of subterranean life (the energy of the earth) and live in dense forests or caves. They avoid human contact but can manifest themselves cheekily by setting stones loose in order to make you jump.
When you pull this card it means you are in full introspection and that you have trouble looking inside of yourself.The gnomes are here to help you eliminate all past things that burden you in order to create space for the future and find vital energy again. They also help you to be (or become) independent in order to be conscious of the importance to self-love.

I was speechless.

Thank you gnomes for making me jump and heighten my senses so I could hear the trees tell me that I am part of this magical forest and the Universe.