All around me I see people going through big shifts at the moment.

Can you feel it too?

A job gets changed, a partner gets left, a country gets replaced by one on the other side of the planet, a book gets planned, a retirement is started early.

Decisions are being made at the moment. Big ones.

And while we have made those decisions ourselves, chosen the actions that go along with them, there are certain moments of doubt, hesitation and fear.

Is this the right decision? Am I crazy for doing this? Will I hurt some and be despised by others?

Oh those moments are tough.

We need support, accountability and love. From friends, partners, coaches to help us get through those moments.

There is however also something we can do ourselves.

We can look for tiny moments of magic, stars aligning, signs from the Universe.

Sometimes the signs are small: a date or time we notice when we sign a deed, a dream we have about the future, a link to a book someone sends us.

Sometimes they are big: finding the right house when you had given up hope, finding new friends when you are all alone, getting a call for that speaker slot.

Sometimes though, they are really, really tiny and we are unable to notice them because we are so caught up in our head.

They sun that peeks out behind the clouds just as your tears start rolling down your cheeks.

A white feather lands at your feet just as you sit down and wonder whether you did the right thing.

PLAN B comes up on the movie screen as you sit and wonder what to do with your project.

An alarm you didn’t set goes off while you are thinking if you really should trust this new thing.

There are so many examples of these moments in our everyday life.

Do you see them?