Seth GodinPurple Cow guru named ‘America’s greatest Marketer’ (by American Way magazine), writes a very atypical blog.

He writes a post almost every day.

And from reading them you can just see him biking to work every morning (I don’t know him well enough to know whether he does this or not but he seems that kind of guy to me) thinking about something someone said last night, or about the funny kid he sees in the street or the ad he saw on tv last night.

Sometimes his posts are just that, thoughts. Or thought provoking statements. Or questions.

Sometimes I don’t get it.

Sometimes I do – and I have one of those A-ha moments.
And I think ‘shoot, I wish everybody else got this too’.

Anyhow,  more than 10 years ago he published a free e-book about What matters Now.
Big thoughts and small actions make a difference.

I shared it back then (yes, I was already writing a blog 10 years ago). And I want to share it again.

Because the times were are in are changing and especially now we seem to massively realise that really matters now.

The book is 80 pages of his tribe writing about topics ranging from Generosity over Strengths and Consequence to Neoteny.

And if you don’t know what any of these mean, or just want to know what some influential people have to say about what matters NOW, go get that free e-book.