Nothing is ever certain, is it?
Things can change in the blink of an eye.

✨Kids get shot in school.
✨People get a diagnosis they didn’t expect.
✨Plans don’t work out.
✨Love is ended.
✨Projects fail.

But also:

✨The project is a success and suddenly you’re projected into something huge.
✨ You find the love of your life when you had given up hope.
✨ What happened after the failed plans is even better than the plan!

The only constant is change.

And the more we worry about it, struggle against it or resist it, the less of a life we lead.

Uncertainty is like a kiddy pool of balls.
So many possibilities.

How about addressing uncertainty with wonder?

When uncertainty gives you anxiety, why not say to yourself:

✨Fascinating, I am anxious/angry/stressed….!✨
(This creates a space between you and your thoughts and feelings and allows for the message that emotion is carrying come through)

✨Interesting, I wonder where this turn will lead me?!✨
(This creates a sense of wonder, keeps an open mind and thus prevents things that might otherwise be blocked or overlooked)

✨I allow myself not to have an opinion about this yet.✨
(This creates time to sit with things instead of immediately having to choose a direction/opinion and opens up many more options and roads)

Getting comfortable with uncertainty is, I believe, one of the great achievements in life and a big ingredient to happiness.

🦋How do you deal with uncertainty? 🦋