If you’re anything like me, you have a TO DO list.

Or two…or three…

To Do Lists are great for us busy and creative people.

Because we tend to (HAVE to) be all over the place.

And we would be lost without those lists.

Those lists

  • make sure our kids go to school with the right gear for the day
  • make sure we show up at the right friends’ house for dinner on Saturday night.
  • make us dash in and out of the supermarket during the hour that the kids are at the gym.

And when the list is completed, we throw it in the bin.

What a shame!

Some time ago, when I was organising lovely weekend-long retreats, I made a ‘Look at what I’ve done this week’ list because I needed to update my Oops (as in Overall Operations) Manager about the status quo.

And I was amazed. Because although the list of the remaining TO DOs was still long and overwhelming, the DONE list looked pretty awesome!

And it made me proud. And it made me want to celebrate.

Here is why a DONE list is important:

  • it gives you a sense of completion
  • it shows you what you have already achieved
  • it says that a little celebration is in order
  • it indicates your next steps
  • it makes a great list for future reference if you needed to organise a similar project
  • it shows recognition for who has done what in a team
  • it makes you happy
  • it gives you energy to attack that To Do list
  • it might show you that it’s time to take a break
  • it makes you feel ……. (fill in word you need to hear right now – suggestions might be: worthy, valuable, awesome, badass, professional, capable, …)

So off you go to celebrate a little before you attack your next steps.