The weather has not been so nice lately. But rainy days do have its charm. Yes they do!

Here are 33 things to do when it rains. And I’m sure you can come up with 34 more. Try it!

  1. Go hiking in the woods (it rains less in the woods).
  2. Go jogging. Sure, you get wet, but it’s great to run in the rain and you get to take a warm shower afterwards.
  3. Play board games: when was the last time you played a board game (Monopoly, Risk, etc)? or even cards? This is fun with kids but also among adults. So organise a board game evening instead of a barbecue.
  4. Make love.
  5. Book a trip to a sunny place.
  6. Call a friend, talk for hours.
  7. Organise an indoor barbecue with indoor smores.
  8. Collect rainwater.
  9. Go singing in the rain, film it, start a trend.
  10. Sit under a big umbrella and listen to the raindrops.
  11. Sleep or take a nap.
  12. Read (I’m addicted to Cara Hunter’s DI Fawley books at the moment).
  13. Watch a whole series of Outlander (if alone) or all three Back to the Future movies (if you’re with kids).
  14. Go lasergaming.
  15. Visit a museum.
  16. Take a train to a city where it doesn’t rain.
  17. Visit the casemates.
  18. Organise a pyjama party for kids, or adults, or both.
  19. Paint, craft, knit… More tips here.
  20. Invent a game or story together.
  21. Do an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt.
  22. Play hide and seek indoors.
  23. Make a visionboard.
  24. Plan your next project.
  25. Go on a retreat in your living room.
  26. Take a long bath, put some candles on, read a book or listen to some jazz.
  27. Write a blog post or start a blog.
  28. Google how rain is formed.
  29. Listen to the rain for hours with no interruptions.
  30. Go sleep in a tree hut (here or here).
  31. Research your genealogy.
  32. Set up a play with your kids and perform it.
  33. Take artsy pictures of raindrops and post them on instagram.

Do you have any tips for rainy days? Post them in the comments below.