The other day I wrote a post about the power of slowing down, because when we’re at full speed, we don’t hear life’s messages anymore that we are supposed to hear.

Let’s dive a little deeper into those messages.

What do messages look like:

  • You yell at your kids more often than you should.
  • You do not sleep well.
  • Your back hurts a lot.
  • You get a lot of headaches.
  • You get up in the morning feeling less than excited about going to work.
  • All you want to do is sit on your couch and watch television.
  • You have no energy, even for the ‘fun’ stuff.
  • Your love just broke up with you.
  • You’re often in a bad mood or angry.
  • You say yes to things even if you don’t want to.
  • You say no to things you want to do because you ‘have no time’.
  • You start but don’t finish.
  • You cannot keep up good habits.
  • Your life is boring.

Your life is messy as hell.
Let me tell you this:

A mess is a message!

It might not be a nice message, but it’s a message. That somehow, you got yourself into that mess.

No matter the good intentions, no matter the ‘it’ll all be alright’. Messes happen.

There are two things to do with messes and the messages they hide:

  1. Look back to analyze how this happened. Just enough so that you know what triggered it. Just enough so you know how to avoid this in the future.
    No need to go all therapy-crazy about it, although therapy may be good if this is a recurring mess for you. Therapy looks back at things, at what happened, how it happened and what you can do now.
  2. Look forward to find the best way out of it. Coaching looks forward. It looks at where you are now, takes into account what happened in the past and then gives you tools to move onward.

Because no matter the mess, no matter how it got there and even if it’s totally not your fault, there is ONE thing you have that is your secret weapon:

Your attitude.

Because you can crumble, you can cry or shout or be angry at the world. You can fight everything and everyone.
Or you can GET CLEAR and make a conscious decision of how to deal with the situation at hand and where you want to be after this mess.

I will talk about attitude more in another post soon.

If in the meantime you need to get clear, you can sign up for a Visionboard workshop (we just had one, but if you have 5 people you can get your own private Visionboard party) or contact me for some coaching.