When I create, there is always such an element of self.

I can only create from within, from my feelings, my experience, my love/hate, my messages, my needs, my perceptions, my understanding, my views,…

Every piece of art, every collage, every doodle, represents a little (or big) piece of me.

Yet it is also not me.

It is a translation.

A story that needs telling.
An image that needs drawing.
A feeling that needs being felt.
A message that needs to be heard.

I always knew there was a healing element in art making.

And of course it isn’t until you need healing that you understand the power of it.

I used to create big canvases. They were messages from the inside out. They were telling about my grief, my story, my happiness. They were chapters of my life.

Now, my art is more from the outside in. Observations that need to be heard and translated. Beauty that needs soaking up. Messages that need to be integrated.

It’s fascinating!

🦋What has your art making taught you?🦋

This collage was created as part of my art therapy class.

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