After 4 months of taking care of my health, I returned to work this week.
It feels good.

Life has a certain structure again.
A routine has returned.

I always thought a routine was boring. It meant repetition and I was more the kind of ‘let’s do nee things’ girl.
I’ve come to realize that routine is quite useful.

It creates structure.
It helps you get out of bed.
It saves time.
It is safe.
It helps you get shit done.
It sets a timetable.
It requires boundaries.
It doesn’t ask questions.

Now, too much routine leaves very little room for creativity. Things can become too rigid, too bland, too programmed.

But both in life and art, a certain routine is necessary and useful.
It creates a grid which still allows you to color outside of the lines.

Routine is what sets you up: to go to work, to sit at the drawing table, to have that time to do what was planned.

I’m glad I’m slowly creating a new routine.
And it is always up to me to decide how rigid it will be and what it looks like.

Right now :
Structure feels good.
Repetition feels good.
Not having to think feels good.
Having a schedule again feels good.

I will have to make sure there is enough room to continue my healing process.

I realize that this forced time off, this forced ‘doing nothing’ but resting has created a need for slowness, emptiness of agenda, less, rest, naps, walks, baths, reading, nature, writing, creating art.
And I will make sure my routine includes those.

What does your routine look like?
Does it feel supportive or restrictive?
What needs to change?