I am participating in @kasiaavery CareDecember Art Journaling project.

This is day 9 prompt:


This is a topic that has come up a lot recently.
For myself and for many of my friends.

Boundaries are changing as we change and grow.

They are not always easy to put up.
They are often difficult to uphold.
They are also very hard to move as we become more ourselves.

They are essential to our sanity, our growth and our true essence.

Boundaries protect our time, our values, our sanity, our integrity.

When life situations change, boundaries often have to shift.
Because we need more me-time, because we don’t have the time or energy anymore for certain things, people or activities.

Boundaries are our own.
We set them and change them.
And if we’re not happy with how someone treated us, a boundary has been trespassed or needs upholding.

You teach people how to treat you. And if you let them trespass your boundariess that’s on you, not them.

Often easier said than done. Especially when we are changing and are not clear on where our boundary needs to be.

So don’t worry too much if you feel like someone stepped on your toe.
Just make sure it doesn’t happen again.

🦋What boundaries do you struggle with? 🦋