I am participating in @kasiaavery CareDecember Art Journaling project.

This is day 8 prompt:


I’ve had quite a few reminders this year of how impermanent things are.
So when I think about that word it also comes with ACCEPTANCE.
Accepting that things change.
Accepting what is.
Accepting that it’s not always as I’d like it to be…

The way the collage turned out, the word is almost a sentence.

I’m permanence.

Because in all the change around me, I am still here. Changed but here. Remaining to the end.
I and we cannot get anywhere with a little help from others. That’s what the hands represent.
A light one and a dark one, yin and yang, helping each other out, finding balance in the lightness of the sky and the thickness of the earth.

🦋What does impermanence mean to you? 🦋