Day 17 of #artjournaladvent2022

Every day, I receive a prompt to create a page in my advent art journal.

Today’s prompt was


I’m 53 today.
I am not fearless.
But I have learned to live with fear.
I give it a chair at the table.
Because fear is useful.
It plays a role in our life.
It keeps us safe.
Sometimes from things that no longer represent a danger.
Fear can be a bit stupid that way. 😂
Once it had protected us from something, it keeps doing that. Even after the danger is no longer.
So I talk to it.
I thank it.
I give it a chair at the table.
Fear needs to be acknowledged.
Listened to.
And yes, sometimes it has a reason to be there and protect us.
Often it is an ancient, unrealistic, unreasonable or unnecessary fear.

So not fearless, but less fear.

🦋What do you fear?🦋