Don’t you just love it when people recommend good books?

Here’s a list of our favourite reads.

Check back regularly as we will keep adding to it.



I have read quite a few ‘life purpose’ books in my life. And every now and again I feel the need to read another one. Because purpose is not ONE thing you find and then it stays with you forever, it’s not linear. So over time, when I feel off kilter, the Universe sends me a sign. And that sign came through yet another dear friend who had just read this one and called it ‘eye-opening’. Since that friend and I are very alike and seem to go through the same motions at the same times in our lives, I grabbed this one of course! The author basis his book on a two-thousand-year-old spiritual classic called the Bhagavad Gita—an ancient allegory about the path to dharma, told through a timeless dialogue between the fabled archer, Arjuna, and his divine mentor, Krishna. Now this might sound boring, but Cope manages to keep you going by telling you stories about well-known figures such as Jane Goodall, Walt Whitman, Susan B. Anthony and John Keats, but also about people who are not famous at all, to show you that we all are on the same path.

So if you’re lost right now for whatever reason, this book may offer the guide that you are looking for.

I was gifted this little gem for my birthday. Oh and my friends know me well 🙂 Alain de Botton is a Swiss-born British author of for example ‘The Architecture of Happiness‘. He is also the founder of the School of Life (which I highly recommend you visit). In this book he, together with John Armstrong, reveals ways in which art can enhance mood and enrich life. It’s not a book you read in one go, but have ready on your coffee table or night stand, or even in the office to open up when you need a break, feel the need for inspiration or need to look sideways. It opens your world to art, but not in the classic ‘looking at things’ way. There are stories behind, feelings, situations. Consume with moderation and enjoy slowly!

This book is my first coach‘s first book. She is the reason I do vision boards, organised retreats and do the workshops that I do. She gets me. Well, me and thousands of other women by now. I first met her in 2009 at her retreat in Asheville, North Carolina when I was a young mother searching for myself. And although I have had other coaches since and she also grew into her path, I keep following her for all the wisdom she continues to provide. Her book is not out yet, so I haven’t read it yet. But I know for sure that it is written like her blog, podcast and workshops: useful, authentic, to the point, fun, practical and very very valuable. So grab your copy now.

I’ve had this book for a while. It sits on a shelf in my office and I open a random page sometimes and read the article or look at the pictures. It’s a ‘guide to visual awareness’ full of anecdotes, quotes, images, bizarre fact and offers a very much needed break from life (or work). The wonderful thing about such books is that it takes you into another dimensions for a little while. And when you get back to life (or work) you look at it differently, more aware, more creative. And that’s only good, right?

I was introduced to this book by my ‘spiritual friend’ when I asked her for some reading resource on how to understand certain female transitions better as well as getting in touch with my ‘female side’ more and the magic, magic yet also dark sides of it. She pointed me to this one.

I will admit that had I been pointed to this book some years ago, I would not have bought, let alone finished it. Like when someone gifted me Women Who Run With Wolves when I was in my early 20ies and I totally didn’t get it (and still haven’t read it – maybe I need to unearth it from my basement 🙂 )

‘The She book’ as I call it, though, is very action oriented – which I like! – and set up in doable chapters – which I also like. So if you want to reconnect with your feminine wisdom, I suggest you start here.

This is another book I’ve had on my shelf for a while and which recently ‘fell out’ as I was moving book cases to make space for my rented piano. And I thought: oh, I need to read this. Well, read is a big word. Because it is more a DO book than a read book. I discovered it some time ago through instagram where I follow people for creative inspiration, among which also one of the authors of this book. She meets with a few of her creative friends on a regular basis in order to create art and help her get out of her rut making the same stuff with the same shapes all the time. I was in such a rut recently and so was my creative friend, so we decided to enact this book. We are now meeting on a regular basis to play, discover, set limitations and simply have fun. Our first session was quite eye opening!

And you know me, when I discover something that works for me, I have a tendency to make it available to others as well. So who knows, maybe there will be a Women, Create & Wisdom soon 🙂

This is a real life memoir of how one woman’s journey of self-discovery gave her the courage to persevere in re-creating her life.

I first read it many many moons ago and it really hit home. Little did I know that I would go through a divorce and re-creation of my own life some time later.

It’s not a sob story of a lost women but more a story in the shape of a self-help book. It’s poetic and real. And it shows that we all go through these phases where we are lost and need to find ourselves again.

So if you find yourself at some crossroad in life and are looking for a lighthouse to give you direction, this year by the sea might show you the way.

Always wanted to be the person who comes up with brilliant ideas? Thinkertoys gives you the tools and techniques to practice just that. Not a book you read from A to Z, but one you can browse, open on a page and try what it says.

Should be on the desk of every (wannabe) creative thinker.

The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher and cancer survivor.

I first heard of him through Elizabeth Gilbert when she read a poem of his during her event I attended last year in London.

The poem touched me and made me want to read more from him. As poetry is not always an easy read to add to your daily life, I chose this book as it goes well with my coaching practice.

When I read ‘spiritual’ or ‘self help’ books, I tend to underline passages I want to keep or use.

When I started reading this book I wanted to underline almost everything, thats how precious, beautiful and true the messages are.

Edward de Bono is THE man when it comes to creativity.

In schools we are taught to meet problems head-on: what Edward de Bono calls ‘vertical thinking’.

This works well in simple situations – but we are at a loss when this approach fails. What then?

Lateral thinking is all about freeing up your imagination.

Through a series of special techniques, in groups or working alone, Edward de Bono shows how to stimulate the mind in new and exciting ways.

If you’ve ever searched for mindfulness, self-help and being in the moment, you will have discovered Eckhart Tolle. His book has introduced so many people to a life of purpose and presence. Oprah has labeled it ‘essential spiritual teaching’ and I agree,

It’s a book that brings you back. To the essential, to life, to you. No more excuses, no more ego, no more problems.

Sounds easy but the journey is challenging. It’s an ongoing process during which the book or audiobook will guide and support you.

Danielle Doby is my tribe. I have never met her, but she speaks to me and for me. Her poetry speaks from all women in some way or another.

for her
with her
because i am her

and so are you

It’s on my nightstand. And I open it regularly to a random page and go: ah yes, this!

both soft
and fierce
can coexist and still be powerful