You know how the Universe seems to always provide you with exactly what you need?
It might not always be what you WANT, but it sure is what you need.
And of course only hindsight can show you that it was exactly right.
If only we had the hindsight before, right?

I think we can all agree that this year is odd. Off even.
Like someone added a frog to your favorite smoothie. Yuck.

Discussions with my friends have shown though, that we are not all in the same boat.
We all deal with this pandemic and our own shit in different ways and with different levels of difficulty (different boats), but we are all in the same storm.
And we can all agree that this year has reduced things to the bare necessities, the essentials to weather that storm.

So these great expectations that we had when 2019 ended? Down the drain.

And that brings me to what I’ve experienced to be the main weights of 2020:

  • need to plan everything
  • reduction of spontaneity
  • big events
  • total exhaustion

It has become difficult to plan even a simple dinner with friends.
Holidays have become a hassle full of needed checks and filled with worries we didn’t have before.
We have no idea what will happen next month let alone next year. And though that has really always been the case, the pandemic has put it to the forefront of our lives.

Spontaneity, serendipity and chance, those ingredients that provide the spices to our lives, have been removed from our menu.
What are the chances to meet a nice guy in a bar when social distancing keeps us from mingling?
How can we network with people when most events are cancelled or keep us seated at a safe distance?
How can we have serendipitous encounters (of any kind) when everything needs planning?

Big events
This year will go down in history of probably having the most planetary, historical and environmental events in a long time. It started with the raging fires in Australia, continued with a global virus outbreak holding the entire planet and resulting in losses of lives, jobs and so much more, and most likely didn’t end with the uprising against systemic racism – to name only a few! These have all contributed to a collective feeling of insecurity, fear and anger (to name only a few 🙂 ). And all those emotions are exhausting. Right?

All I have heard from mostly everyone this year (and the others are clearly aliens…) is how exhausted they are.
Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Yes we are all coping (in our own way) but man is it hard!
This exhaustion can have different flavours and result into different things. Sadness, confusion, insecurity, fear, anger, listlessness, intense action or simple slowing down resulting in upheaval, resistance, depression, introspection, self-care, questioning, burn-out or search for new meaning.

But can we blame all this on the pandemic?

Some of it for sure. But the pandemic has also had positive effects and big realisations.

So what else is there to blame? Well, the Universe and it’s planetary energy for one.

The planets
We are part of a huge, continuously moving solar system which shifts and turns and retrogrades to start turning all over again. And 2020 is a biggie in terms of those shifts as many planets meet, retrograde and reset (start a new rotation cycle around the sun).

So basically, this week we are in full Mars retrograde. Mars in astrology is a driven, courageous, and animalistic planet that rules over our most primal urges: war, anger, self-defense, sexuality, and more. Mars only retrogrades every couple years (much less frequently than most planets), and when it does, it can be a frustrating time.

Fun right?

And then we move right into an overlapping Mercury retrograde (which happens about 3 times a year) which will make trying to accomplish things very frustrating and may cause arguments due to miscommunications and bubbled-up rage.

Sound familiar?

Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel because when that is all over we start the Age of Aquarius (although there is debate over the date). You might know this from the song?

On 21 December 2020, the two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn (which are known as the greater benefic and greater malefic planets, respectively) will align in the sign of Aquarius for the first time in nearly 400 years.

Hopefully that will create a bit more harmony in the world and in our lives.

I’m gonna lay low until the end of the year, taking enormous self care, not take any risks or launch any new projects, exercise and meditate. That should do it! 🙂

And 5 years from now we’ll look back and go ‘Aaaah that’s what that was all about!”, right?

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