After writing my post talking about 2020, and launching, like every year, my Visionboard workshop, the Universe gently sent me some comments and emails from people and pointed me to some other blog posts that all said something like:

  • 2020 was NOT on my vision board!
  • If 2020 were a vision board (and then images of doomsday armageddon)
  • I really need to redo my vision board! This is NOT what I planned

Here’s the thing though… 2020 was on my vision board.

WHAT???? you did this?! haha

No but seriously.

Here is the visionboard I made for this year.

Now, before you say:

“But that looks nice! there is no doomsday, virus, lockdown etc on there Miranda!!!”

Let me tell you what a visionboard really does.

  • It sets an INTENTION.
    It says: this is who I want to BE this year.
    It asks: what do I need to DO to be that person.
    It says: when you are that person and do those things, you will HAVE this visionboard life.
  • When you set your intention, the first thing that comes up is the DIRT.
    My first coach, Christine Kane, explains this well.
  • Your intention gets you focused on your ATTENTION.
    And what you focus on grows.

Now that’s all very nice Miranda, but I still don’t get how that pandemic is supposed to be on your vision board!

Visionboards create a scene, a setting, an atmosphere. Do you see that atmosphere in my vision board?

It says: create peace, relax, notice, connect, create, feel.

It shows: pictures of nature, quietness, time, love, focus.

So, even if my intention may have looked a little rosier than what 2020 actually brought along, it did deliver exactly what I needed.

The lockdown forced me (and everyone and everything) to slow down.
It pushed me to focus on the essentials (myself, my family, peace and safety).
It helped me to sit with myself (sitting with anyone else wasn’t allowed right?!) and feel.
It created space for reflection and quiet time.
It revealed the need for some major self love.
It sent me out to really connect with nature (as connecting with people was only virtual).
I had so many creative journeys beyond my art.
I had to let go and let contentment come to me.

So yeah, that’s 2020 in a nutshell.

And when I look back at all my vision boards (I have been doing them since 2009), they have always delivered. Because like a Word of the Year, there is so much more wisdom and deeper meaning in them. And often you see the real thing only when looking back at it.

It’s like your conscious mind says: “I want this rosy, quiet, reflective space with candles.”
And your subconscious mind goes: “I know exactly what that looks like.”

And then it starts forcing you out of this cocoon so you can become a butterfly, starts shedding all your leaves so you can grow new ones, creates time but totally not in the way you imagined, throws situations and people at you that feel like a rainstorm but also create a beautiful rainbow, return you to yourself so you can explore your messy and imperfect essence.

So yeah, 2020 may feel mostly like the DIRT. But it’s my dirt and the seed has been planted and beautiful things are in the making.

If you did a vision board for this year, I invite you to look at it and see how this whole shit-storm has helped you create that vision.

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