I know we’ve only just had a favorite things post. But one can never have enough favorite things to share, right?

AIRBNB’s online experiences

Airbnb is known as a travel platform that let’s you stay in unique places. They already had a sidekick called ‘Experiences’ where you could book wine tastings or art making sessions with a local. Now that people are no longer able to travel, they have started offering those experiences as online sessions. Cooking pasta with granny, learning tango or flamenco, listen to stories told by a drag queen including a sing along, panoramic tours around Paris, concerts, etc. The offer seems to be growing daily. Of course it’s competition to those already offering these things online, but it opens up a whole new world for people who didn’t have a platform to share their passion yet. And you get to travel virtually, musically, culinarily etc. What’s not to love?

Redefining Strength – by Cori

Cori is fit. She is also no-nonsense, fun and explains things very well. Her video’s not only show many workout routines but also give tips and hacks and variations so that you can do simple worksheets from home without really any equipment. Exercises for neck pain, booty burner workout, killer core moves, nutrition guidelines etc. Cori is your go to girl for all of it in a totally doable way.  She also does a lot of facebook lives. All of the above is free, but if you like what she does and want to take things further, she has additional programs you can sign up for. Like this 28-Day Booty Burner program!

Anne-Marie Herckes – brooches, necklaces etc

I discovered Anne-Marie through another artist friend, who like me, likes to shop local and support local artist, especially during this difficult time. So I ordered this little flower brooch which arrived promptly by Luxembourg mail. It is simply beautiful and I will wear it often. Please check her homepage and instagram for more photos of her makings.

Science.lu – experiments

Since Luxembourg entered lockdown, the Science.lu platform has started offering fun and educational experiments that you can do at home with or without your kids. Some of them are really fascinating.  A few examples:

  • how to mix colors without touching them
  • peel a raw egg without breaking it
  • create a hologram on your smartphone
  • etc

The video’s are in Luxembourgish and I will try some this weekend with my kids.


If, like me, you have a website, a Facebook page, instagram account, a newsletter etc. to keep your followers updated, it can be quite cumbersome to feed all your information to all those platforms. That is where Zapier comes in. Zapier lets you connect your apps and automate workflows. So you save time. Because you can create links that will do the work for you so that when you post something on Instagram, Zapier will make sure it gets posted elsewhere too. Saves a LOT of time.

Kate Sydney Jewelry

You know I like to integrate florals and all kinds of nature things into my paintings. So, whenever I come across someone else with that passion, I want to find out more. Kate makes jewellery with natural gemstones and precious metals and combines the two in flowing, nature inspired designs. Each piece is one of a kind and hand crafted!