Day 13 of #artjournaladvent2022

Every day, I receive a prompt to create a page in my advent art journal.

Today’s prompt was


Self confidence is an interesting thing.

You see, one can be be very confident outwardly (ie have no problem with speaking up, holding speeches and standing up for causes) yet still have little self confidence inwardly (trusting and loving yourself, asking for what you need, communicating your emotions).

For me self confidence is all about that: the SELF. The inward and the outward one.
I always thought they were one and the same but I realise that they have both been quite opposite for a long time and only recently seem to be close to a merger πŸ˜‚ or at least a communication.

The wall that was pulled up between them is no longer solid. More like a hedge that grows and is cut…πŸ˜‚

My opposite parts:
the introvert and extrovert, the confident and fearful, the resilient and vulnerable, the outspoken and the at loss for words…
are slowly finding ways in a middle ground.
A ground that is constantly changing and growing.
But it is my garden, MY SELF.
I am the creator of that. And find it quite fascinating.

πŸ¦‹What are your thoughts on self confidence?πŸ¦‹