I am participating in @kasiaavery CareDecember Art Journaling project.

This is day 2 prompt:


On my 2022 visionboard there is a quote that says:

I write to understand life.

I have written for as long as I can remember. Journals, diary, poems, newsletters, letters, stories, books, workshop content, coaching programs.
I ha e often combined it with art or collage.
It’s an out pour of what’s in me.
It’s an intake of the world.
Writi g gives it meaning, sense and purpose.
I read a lot tooand love firing up my imagination through stories that I read. I see pictures and entire landscapes and have the scenery of the story in my head from the first page.
I don’t know what the world would be without words, books and art.
I definitely would be lost as I would not feel safe or at home.
They are my safe harbour.
I feel happy when I can retreat (anywhere) with a book, a notepad or my art journal.
And just ponder.
And write.
And read.
And create.
The world is well again when I have done that.
Things are righted, processed and digested, often also communicated.
I talk so much better in writing 😂