I signed up for coaching sessions with Miranda because I felt inspired by the way she was talking about life, about woman’s power, the way she was encouraging us to question ourselves, and I definitely wanted more of that.

It didn’t stop there. Miranda sowed a perennial seed in me, she gave me tools to become a better version of me, to understand what my purpose in life was, what I really wanted to do. She encouraged me to take action, to move my ass, to set boundaries that allowed me to reach my goals. She helped me create habits (I still do my weekly summit and extended it to monthly summits as well).

She gave me plenty of reasons not to be afraid to be everything that I am (the daughter, the mother, the employee, the friend, the wife, etc) but without loosing my core identity. She helped me destroy a world of false statements that I had in my mind and helped me rebuild. She gave me strength, but especially allowed me to be myself, she welcomed my feelings, she listened and simply accepted me as I am. This allowed me to release everything I had been accumulating for years, and finally gave me the courage to say when I wasn’t okay, to honour my need for rest and me-time and make myself a priority, because nobody can give from an empty cup. 

When I found Miranda I found a soul that changed my life forever, and I can’t be more grateful to the Universe for putting her in my path in this life. Thank you for being inspirational for me and I am sure for many others…