Miranda did not come into my life by coincidence, it was destiny! I had come across her weekly newsletters which I read with great interest and found very inspiring and started following her on social media (I still do). Then I found out that we had a common friend and we met for lunch and my sympathy for her in the digital world was confirmed in the real world. I then booked the “Create your life” retreat with her and since then Miranda has been an important person on my path to myself. The visionboard workshop during the retreat has been an interesting and powerful tool that I have used again since to set intentions in a playful way. The art workshop has brought back my love for painting and the confidence that everybody can paint and is creative.
Last but not least, her coaching sessions have helped me overcome difficult moments in my life by giving very practical and hands-on advice!
– I wanted to do more for myself and subscribed to a writing course. I didn’t finish it, but thanks to her I tried and I now know it was not what I really wanted and I do not regret, because it is off my list (and if I want to write my memoir one day, I don’t need a writing course, I just write it and get her as coach to push me 😉
– I had a very difficult situation at work and she helped me prepare my meetings with my superiors which made me feel more confident
– When I separated from my husband, with only one session, she helped me get clarity and to feel stronger
Thank you dear Miranda for all your support!