I am participating in @kasiaavery CareDecember Art Journaling project.

This is day 3 prompt:


It’s so important to leave a blank space when you create art. It seems to fill the rest of the canvas.
It’s also so important to have blank spaces in life.

Time in your day and calendar to just be with yourself and what you love to do.

Space for surprises, serendipity and things to enter spontaneously.

Space for curiosity and wonder and amazement at what wasn’t planned.

Space for just being, for being ok with not knowing what’s coming next.

Flowing with what life throws at you when your busy making plans.

More room for intuition, impulse and trusting your gut.

When all is planned, filled and foreseen, there is no room for any of this to happen.
Or when it does, you get annoyed, because ‘where the hell am I gonna fit this amazing surprise in my day’.

So create blank spaces.
Don’t be afraid of what looks empty.
Serendipity is the Universe’s way of saying ‘look at this thing that I popped up just for you’.

And it’s wonderful.