Change is in the air…

Whether change is needed in your life, your work or your art, it all starts with AWARENESS.

And if you’re here, it means you are aware that something needs to change!

Great, let’s move to the next step.

INTENTION. Intentional change is so powerful!

It means you start by creating a vision of your ideal self (who you wish to BE and what you want to DO in your work and life).

When you then look at where you are right now, you will see:

  • the gaps you need to fill,
  • the things you need to eliminate and
  • the systems you need to set up to get you there.

Together we will set up your road map to create the life that you want.

Are you ready?

If that is you on the left and you would really love to be that person on the right, you’ve come to the right place.

Let me help you move from overwhelm, stress and reacting to your life to a place of balance, energy and creating the life that you want.

You can’t do everything alone.

Sometimes you need someone who provides you with systems, support and accountability to create the changes you want to make in your life.

Schedule a FREE Coaching Consultation to look at the areas of your life, work or art that are stuck and see how I can help you move you towards your goals.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and hello to balance and energy!

What it’s like to work with me

Miranda did not come into my life by coincidence. It was destiny!

Her coaching sessions have helped me overcome difficult moments in my life by giving very practical and hands-on advice!

I had a very difficult situation at work and she helped me prepare my meetings with my superiors which made me feel more confident

When I separated from my husband, with only one session, she helped get clarity and feel stronger. 

Thank you dear Miranda for all your support!


I signed up for coaching sessions with Miranda because I felt inspired by the way she was talking about life, about woman’s power, the way she was encouraging us to question ourselves, and I definitely wanted more of that.

It didn’t stop there. Miranda sowed a perennial seed in me, she gave me tools to become a better version of me, to understand what my purpose in life was, what I really wanted to do. She encouraged me to take action, to move my ass, to set boundaries that allowed me to reach my goals. She helped me create habits (I still do my weekly summit and extended it to monthly summits as well).

She gave me plenty of reasons not to be afraid to be everything that I am (the daughter, the mother, the employee, the friend, the wife, etc) but without loosing my core identity. She helped me destroy a world of false statements that I had in my mind and helped me rebuild. She gave me strength, but especially allowed me to be myself, she welcomed my feelings, she listened and simply accepted me as I am. This allowed me to release everything I had been accumulating for years, and finally gave me the courage to say when I wasn’t okay, to honour my need for rest and me-time and make myself a priority, because nobody can give from an empty cup.

When I found Miranda, I found a soul that changed my life forever and I can’t be more grateful to the Universe for putting her in my path in this life. Thank you for being inspiration for me and I am sure for many others…

A. A.

I was not in a good place in my life, I was exhausted, on the verge of a breakdown and just generally overwhelmed by life. I felt I was at a crossroads in my life. Stuck working an office job I hated, desperately trying to start a new business that I felt passionate about but I just didn’t know where to start.

The biggest thing I got out of working with Miranda was “attending to your own oxygen mask first”. Regardless of being a mom and my kids being the most important things in my life, if I’m not healthy and happy then they won’t be either. Miranda helped me put things in perspective in the grand scheme of things.


Before, I did not know how to ‘do’ it. Getting a clearer vision. Of my days, my week, my mid term goals. I did not know how to change something in my life or even where to start. I lost so much energy due to negative stuff.

I signed up to work with Miranda, because I wanted to know what I could change. I learned that I can steer my energy to the things I want. There is a structure I can set up which helps me to get a clearer view on a day, a week…. Overall I feel so much better now.


When I started working with Miranda, I realized that I had started the elimination process in my life way before creating a vision and becoming clear. It was a long journey with lots of ups and downs.

Working with Miranda helped me put things into the right perspective: appreciate the work already done, dig deeper into the areas that need more attention and create a plan of how I can get there.

Even more importantly, I found a place where all these things can be discussed, shared and be supported at the same time.

For me, this is priceless. Thank you, Miranda.


How does this work?

I do things in doable steps.

There is a process. And although sessions will adapt to your needs, we will work along the following steps:

INTENTION – get clarity on what you want

ELIMINATION – eliminate obstacles and all things that do not serve your intention

INTEGRATION – create systems to integrate this change into your daily life

ACTION – make decisions and take actions to grow towards your intended life

CREATIVITY – not a step in itself but creativity is the essence of life and your uniqueness adds fun and joy in your daily life

This process is applied in all of my work: coaching, workshops/retreats, art.

These steps can be learned and applied by anyone to create lasting change in their life, work and art.

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