Day 10 of #artjournaladvent2022

Every day, I receive a prompt to create a page in my advent art journal.

Today’s prompt was


2022 has been a year of saying no to a lot of things. My health and my energy didn’t allow me to do many things I did before and used to love.
It has made me prioritise and look at what needed to be eliminated so that I could concentrate on what was possible.

A lot of energy went into self care.
And so there was little time left for other things.
Because self care is a full time job sometimes.
And being mindful about energy and what I want and can spend it on has become quite the learning curve.

No more workshops and retreats( at least for now).
No more extensive trips and travel (at least for now).
No more multiple social events per day or even per week.
No more big groups and parties.
No more ‘I’ve got this’ automatic responses.

Instead, creating room and space and energy for the things I want to say yes to.

🦋What are you saying yes to ?🦋