I think we can all agree that our lives have changed quite a bit since the beginning of the year.

I have even talked about it in one of my last posts.

So until the planets are re-aligning, the world has stopped spinning and we can all enjoy 100% of our freedom again, I wanted to share with you a few tips on how to stay sane during a pandemic, or any crazy or even normal times really.


As many of us are still or again working from home, it has become important to set up a place where you are comfortable and ideally undisturbed. Having daylight and/or a view helps a lot to keep you happy (especially in winter when the days are shorter).

There are no specific rules for this. It has to fit your preferences and situation.

I personally move between the kitchen counter (close to coffee/water/snacks and with a great view!) and my office (when the kids are home or when I have calls and need to be undisturbed).

Oh and I do have a helper from time to time – if only in providing me with cuddles.


When work has invaded the house, it can be hard sometimes to have a breaks. But it is important to simply close the computer and do something else. So schedule these breaks into your agenda (so nobody can book you) and instead of doing the washing or some other home chore, play.

I have finished a puzzle recently, when the kids are home we play some board games or silly games like this one.

Paint, or doodle, or create something with your hands.

When we play, different brain cells get fired up and we really are able to switch off.


Working from home means we walk a lot less. So any kind of exercise becomes even more important than before.

Go for a run or swift walk.

Join an online gym class at lunchtime.

Work standing up and set a timer to remind you to do some squats every hour.

There really are no excuses.


Now that the days are shorter we spend more time indoors. But nature is such a good resource of calm that we should go outside at least once a day.

No need to go for a long walk.

Simply find and hug a tree. Here’s why.


Yes the pandemic is bad and annoying and changing every day. Yes it is stressful.

So it is important to get some (or change your) perspective every once in a while.

Sit in a different chair at the family dinner table. Sleep on the other side of the bed for one night. Climb a hill on your next walk. Lie on the ground and watch the clouds (this is amazing when it’s raining).

The brain will get challenged and thus busy elsewhere than thinking the same thoughts.

Of course you can also mentally change perspective by asking other people how their life is going and what they do and trying to adopt one of their habits.


Within every problem there is another problem.
Next to each problem there is another problem.
And on top of each problem, guess what? Yes, yet another problem.

And by problem I mean anything from a simple request or chore you have to do to a huge project you have to finish.

Things pile up.

And when the pile gets too high, it collapses.

So make sure you stop in-between and look at the pile.


Can you delegate? Prioritize? Say no? Chop into smaller chunks (ie do-able steps).


Yes, we all know breaks are important. But usually we will these with something else than work. And that’s not really restful.

And your body knows it and does give you signs (yawning, stress, forgetfulness, anxiety, etc)

So take a nap (yes that ball under the covers is my cat, resting), or a bath (or long shower).

Sit in a chair and do absolutely nothing. Or meditate.


These uncertain times are confusing and we often don’t see the forest for the trees.

Without warning, things creep up on us and suddenly a tiny problem is the straw that breaks the came’s back.

So when you are lost, confused, stressed, at a loss and have no clue what to do next, trust in the Universe.

Because it always has signs for you to follow.


I was watching Harry Potter with my 12 year old. And Rio, our cat, suddenly got up because he wanted to catch the birds that were flying around on screen.

We laughed so hard.


It’s in the little, simple moments.

So make a list of what magic looks like to you.

And when you notice them, capture them.

And woosh, gone is the pandemic, for a little while at least.