Grateful to the Universe for putting her in my path in this life

2021-04-27T09:10:06+02:00April 27th, 2021|

I signed up for coaching sessions with Miranda because I felt inspired by the way she was talking about life, about woman's power, the way she was encouraging us to question ourselves, and I definitely wanted more of that. It didn't stop there. Miranda sowed a perennial seed in me, she gave me tools to become a better version of me, to understand what my purpose in life was, what I really wanted to do. She encouraged me to take action, to move my ass, to set boundaries that allowed me to reach m [...]

With only one session, she helped me get clarity and to feel stronger

2021-04-24T09:39:24+02:00April 24th, 2021|

Miranda did not come into my life by coincidence, it was destiny! I had come across her weekly newsletters which I read with great interest and found very inspiring and started following her on social media (I still do). Then I found out that we had a common friend and we met for lunch and my sympathy for her in the digital world was confirmed in the real world. I then booked the "Create your life" retreat with her and since then Miranda has been an important person on my path to myself. The vis [...]

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