What does self-care look like for you?

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It looks different from one person to another. We all need, like and crave different things. Self-care can even look different from one day to another. ūü¶č What does self-care look like for you? ūü¶č There are the obvious: sleep, healthy food, exercise, meditation etc. But it can also look less obvious... ‚ú®Hugging a tree ‚ú®Taking a walk ‚ú®Making art ‚ú®Reading a book ‚ú®Hugging a pet ‚ú®Noticing the little things ‚ú®Lighting a candle ‚ú®Picking flowers ‚ú®Looking at the stars ‚ú®Going for a walk ‚ú®Walking barefoot in [...]

The problem is, you think you have time.

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The problem is, you think you have time. I have quite some time on my hand at the moment as I'm on sick leave, recovering from 2 surgeries in 1 month and resting up for what is to come in the next four weeks. Time is tricky. Sometimes it passes fast. Sometimes it slows down to a halt. I always liked to organize my time and plan. But when time and plans get thrown overboard a little, that's when time shows its real face. Time is a matter of perspective. When you're young you want it to move faste [...]


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Accept. ‚ú®That it's too hot to do anything and stay inside to rest. ‚ú®That your kid gives you trouble and trust that he will find his way. ‚ú®That change happens and some things will never change. ‚ú®That some days you feel great and others not so much. ‚ú®That your body is constantly changing and that is okay. ‚ú®That one year you're fit as hell and the next you seem to go from one issue to the next. ‚ú®That work may not always be what you wish and that you can only do what you can with the means that you [...]

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